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5 Best Handyman Services in Parker, CO

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Finding a quality local handyman is harder than you'd think.

Parker, CO has dozens of handymen for hire but finding a quality, professional, and reliable handyman is a like finding a needle in a haystack.

Maybe you've already learned this the hard way after searching "Handyman Parker" on Google. If not, consider yourself lucky to have found this list.

To help weed out the fly by night companies, we've created a shortlist of the best Parker handymen serving Douglas County, Colorado.

Parker Handyman Ranking Criteria

This list has been written and reviewed by a licensed general contractor in Douglas County.

Years of Experience: We looked at the experience each Parker handyman posessed.

Online Reputation: We thoroughly researched online reviews from customers.

Cost of Services: We factored in the rate of each service in relation to the quality.

Warranties / Guarantees: We checked for any warranties or satisfaction guarantees.

Best Parker Handymen Serving Douglas County

Below we've ordered who we believe to be some of the best handymen in Parker, CO.

  1. Handyman Parker LLC

  2. Mr. Parker Handyman Services

  3. Parker Handyman

  4. BestMan Handyman

  5. Dan the Handyman

And now for the detailed reviews...

1. Handyman Parker LLC

Handyman Parker LLC is top-rated Handyman company serving Douglas County, CO. With positive online reviews, seasoned handymen, and great rates, Handyman Parker is our favorite option. All jobs come with a Satisfaction Guarantee meaning that if you aren't completely satisfied, they will redo the work until you are.

Services: Drywall Repair, Cabinet/Door Installation, Deck Staining, Garage Door Repair, Appliance Install & Repair, Interior/Exterior Painting, Flooring, Tiling, Window Installation, Light Plumbing, Light Electrical, Hanging Pictures & Mirrors, Furniture Repair, Garbage Disposal Repair, Sink & Toilet Installations, and more.

Address: 11204 Gilcrest St. Parker, CO 80134

Cost: $95/hr + $50 service fee

2. Mr. Parker Handyman Services

Mr. Parker Handyman Services Website

Mr. Parker Handyman Services is run by Parker Ward. Mr. Parker has lived in Aurora, Colorado since 2007. He has over 10 years combined experience in maintenance and repair. He does home repair and handyman work because he love the work. He has learned through the years how to fix just about anything on your home.

Services: Electrical, Trim Carpentry, Exterior Trim and Siding Repair, Door and Window Repair/Replace, Sheet Rock Repair, Plumbing, Exterior Wood, Tile Repairs, Replace Furnace Filters, Hang Curtains and Pictures/Art Work, Weather Stripping, and more.

Cost: First hour w/ minimum 1 hour $120.00. Remaining hours $110.00 per hour. Fees include one assistant that works for Mr Parker Handyman Services. Trip fees when applicable: $30.00.

Contact: (303) 885-2745 or

3. Parker Handyman

Parker Handyman is run by Tracy who is the brains and brawn behind the operation. Tracy has experience in nearly all handyman tasks and has been doing similar work for 20+ years. We couldn't find a website for Parker Handyman but Tracy has a variety of positive reviews on Google.

Services: Parker Handyman provides various handyman services. Call Parker Handyman for any jobs. He will never accept a job if he is not confident he can complete it.

Address: 11618 N Hot Springs Dr. Parker, CO 80138

Cost: Doesn't charge hourly but work typically comes out to ~$125/hr

Contact: (303) 521-4275 or

4. BestMan Handyman

BestMan Handyman Website

BestMan Handyman is run by Greg who has more than 30 years of experience. Greg is an insured, local and reliable handyman, which means that you can trust him to make sure your project will be done to a professional standard! BestMan Handyman guarantees his workmanship against any and all defects and will return and perform repairs at no charge for up to 90 days after completion.

Services: Carpentry, Plumbing, Hang Artwork, Blinds & Drapes, Caulking, Power Washing, Appliance Installation/Repair, Hardware, Electrical, Drywall, TV Mounting, Refuse Hauling, Shrub trimming, Decks, Furniture Assembly, Locks, Drinking water systems, and more.

Address: Brighton, CO

Cost: Custom quoted.

5. Dan The Handyman

Dan The Handyman Website

Dan The Handyman is a Parker local handyman who focuses almost exclusively on the Parker, CO market. Dan has been in this business for over 15 years and considers himself to be a jack of all trades.

Services: Electrical, Plumbing, Welding, Tree Services, Drywall, Fixtures, and More

Address: 12461 N 4th St. Parker, CO 80134

Cost: Custom quotes a fixed price + materials.

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